Leslie Klein Clay Artist and Sculptor

Clay Forms Studio was founded by artist/educator, Leslie Klein, offering sculptural ceramic instruction for children, adults, and special needs students.

Clients have included guests at the well known Canyon Ranch Spa, therapeutic groups at a community mental health agency, and children in after school and summer programs at the studio.

In collaboration with Community Access to the Arts, Clay Forms Studio has provided programs for developmentally disabled clients from private residences, public schools, state agencies, and nursing homes.

Students attend classes in a bright, fully equipped studio, situated on a quiet dirt road in the beautiful Berkshires of Massachusetts.

One of the beneficial components for many special needs clients is being in the studio’s nurturing and visually stimulating environment. This change from their usual surroundings inspires the self discovery and self esteem engendered through the creative process.

Instruction at Clay Forms Studio emphasizes proficiency in basic handbuilding techniques, while encouraging independence, confidence, and the ability to develop one’s personal style and vision.